Nepal Association of Northern California


On the occasion of 19th Himalayan Fair, Mukundo (Mask of Desire), a Nepali feature film is being screened at the Fine Arts Cinem a in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, May 25, 2002, 4:30 PM . There is only one show, so please make an early reservation to secure seat.

Fine Arts Cinema is located at 2451 Shattuck and Haste. Few blocks south from the Down Town Berkeley BART station.

For more information, email or call Daniel at ( 510) 841-4144 or Govind Shahi at (510) 222-5307.

Director: Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Story: Kesang Tseten and Tsering Thitar Sherpa
Cast: Mithila Sherma, Gauri Malla, Ratan Subedi, Rama Thapalia

The first feature film of Tsering Rhitar Sherpa is shot entirely in Nepal with an exclusively Nepali cast and crew, Mukundo breaks more than just industry barriers, but narrative and thematic convention as well. Director Tsering Rhitar Sherpa delivers a refreshing portrait of modern Nepal, one in which mysticism is treated as a basis aspect of everyday life, not as a special effect. 1hr 45 mins, English Sub title.

Screened in the following International Film Festivals and have won various awards
· 3rd Asian Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan 10th - 20th Dec,1999
· Goteberg International Film Festival, Sweden 28th Jan - 6th Feb, 2000
· Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland 12th - 19th March, 2000
· San Francisco International Film Festival, USA 20th April - 4th May, 2000
· Fukuoka International Film Festival, Japan 8th - 16th September, 2000
· Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada 22nd Sept - 5th October, 2000
· Mumbai International Film Festival, India 20th - 29th Novermber, 2001