Nepal Flood Relief Drive


The landslides and floods of the past few months have caused loss of lives of more than four hundred people and left thousands homeless.  In order to provide some support to the victims of this disaster, Nepal Association of Northern California (NANC) decided to create a Nepal Flood Relief Fund to raise monetary contribution for the victims and initiated the fund drive from the end of July, 2002.  By mid-September, a total of $3,500 had been pledged.  At this point in time, $2000 has been received by NANC and the full amount (of $2000) has been transferred to the Nepal Red Cross Society ( based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The remaining pledged amount (of $1,500) was raised by (a few NANC members) initiating a relief effort under NANC’s flood drive at two Corporations. NANC should be receiving these contributions by the end November upon which it will transfer this amount to the Nepal Red Cross.


The contributions to the Nepal Flood Relief Fund were made possible in the following ways: 1) online payment; 2) mailing check payable to NANC; 3) contributing in-person in donation boxes placed at various locations; 4) contacting NANC representatives to donate in-person; and 5) raising funds by matching schemes through a flood drive effort at the Corporations.


The individuals that contributed (either online, or by check) to the relief fund are listed (Relief fund contributors).


The donation boxes were placed at the following locations:

  Kathmandu Kitchen (Davis, CA) 

Rasoi Restaurant (San Francisco,CA)

Dreams of Kathmandu (San Francisco,CA)

Kathmandu Night 2002 at Notre Dame College (Belmont,CA)

Surahi Restaurant (Belmont,CA)

Tibet Shop (San Francisco,CA)

Mystic Boutique (Palo Alto,CA)


The companies where the relief funds were pledged were Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, CA), and Oracle Corporation (Redwood City, CA).


NANC would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and contributions in making this drive successful.  A sizeable amount has been raised in such a short period of time that would provide some form of assistance to the victims during this critical hour.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


For more information regarding the drive, visit


  Thank you.


NANC Executive Committee
December 6, 2002