Thank You Note from Pushkar Shah

The President,

Nepal Association of Northern California

I want to take this opportunity to thank every Nepali and American living in San Francisco Bay area, who hosted and honored me while I was there. Even though I did not have the luxury to have had a western education, I however, am being able to understand the real world through this real trip (as the Nepali saying goes, “ki padhera sikinchha ki parera sikinchha). Wherever I go, I have been proud to call myself Nepali. For the next seven years you can be proud that someone will be bearing Nepal’s flag and be disseminating the message of peace from the land of the Everest. I have taken the responsibility to make my country known to the rest of the world through my travel as a peace messenger, and today I urge you to take the responsibility to help build Nepal. As I keep riding my bike, all of you people's love will keep me warm in the chilly nights, all of your support will help me ride that extra mile in the name of peace, when all else tells me to hold back and stop my journey. Pray to the all mighty god to watch over all of us and keep us safe from all forms of evils that prevails on Earth till I see you all again.

Best wishes to all of you and have a Happy Dashain and Tihar 2059. If I need your help in coming days, I will be in touch with you again.

Special thanks to REI company for all their help!

We all have to try to be peace messengers.


Eklo Yatri (Lone Traveler)
Pushkar Shah