Given the short stay, Puskhar Shah’s Bay area visit was eventful. The talk program coordinated by NANC, held at the San Leandro Marina on Sunday, September 8th, 2002, was a success with between 50 to 60 people in attendance to hear Puskar Shah’s adventure and experiences.

He had quite an interesting story to tell ranging from his bike being stolen in New Zealand during a talk program (at which time Sir Edmund Hillary gave him another one and also wrote him a beautiful letter) to biking in China without any food, a marriage proposal, and his near death experience (where he was attacked with a knife) in Barbados. Those who attended the talk really enjoyed his witty style of presentation while they were relaxing in the cool day at the Marina relishing on the variety of food items that was brought for this potluck occasion. They were also keen to see his folders that documented pictures and newspaper clips of his journey across 51 countries during the past four years. Puskhar was also delighted to meet some of the community members to share his experiences (and was actually also able to meet “Ama” from his village in Nepal).

A decent sum was raised during the talk program. Later on during the week, some of the folks who had attended the program helped organize a talk at the Berkeley Cycle Club where he spoke and contributions were also made to support his journey. Some other folks who were supportive of his efforts took him to REI of Berkeley where he was truly welcomed. At REI, his bike was thoroughly reworked on, and REI gear (along with power bars for his trip) was also provided.

It was good to see the community come together and give complete support to Puskhar Shah to enable him to continue on his mission as a messenger of peace around the world. NANC would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this program and helped its success--given the short notice. In particular, Daniel Tamang, Govind Shahi, Mira & Narendra Gurung, Usha Lama, Shekhar Sharma, Shambhu & Samjhana Lama, Mahadev Lama, Berkeley Cycle Club, and the REI store in Berkeley for having made his visit to the Bay area eventful and enjoyable.

Puskhar Shah was very appreciative of the gesture extended towards him during his visit, and has sent a thank you note to the community (Thank you from Pushkar).